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Roger Brown - His American Icons

March 22 - April 29, 2014

The Hughes Gallery is proud to announce that they will host the first international solo-exhibition of work by the late American painter, Roger Brown. 
Roger Brown was born in 1941 in Hamilton Alabama, moving to Chicago in 1962 where he gained BFA and MFAs from the School of the Art Institute (1968 and 1970). In 1968 and 1969 Brown participated in the False Image group shows and soon began exhibiting with the Phyllis Kind Gallery first in Chicago (1971) then New York (1975). Brown’s imagery was exposed to the broader public by means of several illustrations for Playboy magazine in the 1970s and two iconic Time Magazine covers in the 1980s.

Brown was one of the so-called Chicago Imagists, a group of painters that included Ray Yoshida, Art Green, Jim Nutt and Karl Wirsum. The Imagists first gained international recognition when the exhibition Who Chicago was presented in the United Kingdom. Roger Brown’s iconic classic: Land of Lincoln (1978) was in fact the cover piece of the famous catalogue for that exhibition, which essentially became the seminal publication on the group.

Roger Brown: His American Icons, will be presented in March/April 2014 to coincide with the Biennale of Sydney. The exhibition will present work from each decade of his life with pieces from each major period in his oeuvre. The centrepiece to the exhibition Post Modern Res/Erection is perhaps one of the most important works to touch upon the aspect of sexuality from his heroic architectural period of the 1980s. The other major work to travel to Australia for the exhibition will be Presidential Portrait (1986), the famous image of the Reagans ethereally represented in the clouds above a flat American landscape. Roger Brown: His American Icons will be accompanied by a full colour publication. The show will be followed by 'Now Chicago,' an exhibition of 6 contemporary artists living in working in Chicago today.

Boy Startled While Jerking-Off in the Woods, or What's the Point of Beating Around the Bush?

Desert Crater

Killer Crab

Post Modern Res/erection with observation deck

Presidential Portrait

San Andreas Fault Line

Untitled (Figure/Tree/Shrubs)

Untitled (Gray Nurse/Stage)

Virtual Still Life #22: Service with a Smile