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Sweet Home Chicago...

In 1981 Ray Hughes collaborated with the legendary, Phyllis Kind Gallery on an exhibition titled 'Chicago on Paper' featuring the likes of Jim Nutt, Gladdys Nilsson, Yoakum, Karl Wirsum, Roger Brown and Ed Pashke. Evan Hughes, when working for James Mayor in London, began looking at old catalogues from when Mayor had worked with the Chicago Imagists in the 1980s. One of Mayor's Jim Nutt catalogues had Ray's show in the exhibition history and a drawing listed that eventually made its way to Ray's private collection via Phyllis Kind's stock room.

The small world has come full circle with both Hugheses now actively engaging with the young Chicago scene as well as representing CJ Pyle. In 2014 the gallery was proud to present a major Roger Brown exhibition in cooperation with the Roger Brown Estate.